What is SEO in digital marketing? Learn how to organically grow your business in Durban North.

Media spend, brand campaigns, AdWords: Too often is digital advertising made incredibly confusing for everyday business owners in Durban North. Let us simplify the process, let’s talk SEO South Africa – What is SEO South Africa? Why is SEO South Africa important? How can SEO South Africa revolutionise your business?


SEO South Africa is often overlooked when it comes to marketing strategy or brand engagement. The irony, SEO can be one of the simplest and most effective advertising tools in any media arsenal. SEO South Africa is the abbreviated form known as search engine optimisation. Sounds complicated? Think again! Simply put – search engine optimisation (SEO) is about utilising key words & phrases, that potential customers might associate with your business, in order to be the first business that pops up on ‘Page 1’ when they search for said keywords. A person in need of a digital advertising agency might type into Google search engine – ‘advertising agency Durban North’ or ‘best digital advertising companies near me’. If you are an advertising agency in the area – you would want your website to be the first to show up on their screen – and fortunately, SEO can do just that!


How does SEO South Africa work?


SEO South Africa is the number one way to organically grow your business in Durban North. As opposed to paid media spending which relies on payments or cost per click (CPC) for certain keywords and phrases to be associated with your website, SEO requires an extensive understanding of your audience and market demographic. SEO South Africa is about harnessing the algorithm process in search engines. A person will utilise a search engine when trying to find very specific information, the aforementioned algorithm will search for keywords and phrases  to give the searcher the most accurate and appropriate results – further explained as crawling, indexing and ranking.


The first step is known as crawling – search engines send out crawlers to sift through new and existing web pages and record the relevant information. Using web links they’ve already discovered, the purpose of crawlers is to find new pages and log any adjustments to existing ones.


Indexing is the next step in the process – web crawlers will crawl through various web pages and decide which information is best suited to the searched key phrases. All worthy pages will be added to the index which is then used to decide the final ranking process.


The final step in the process is known as Ranking. After crawling and indexing has occurred, your site can be ranked. There are an abundance of ranking signals – all of which fall under the essential pillars of SEO: technical optimisation, on-page optimisation, and off-page optimisation.


Choosing the right keywords & phrases.


So, now that you know how SEO works, how do you choose the right keywords and phrases for your business in Durban North? Choosing keywords is all about understanding your target market and their needs. You will want to find the most popular search terms associated with your business in order to drive traffic to your site. Utilise keywords that people are searching for but that you can reasonably compete with, popular keywords are often the most difficult to compete with. Your content needs to exceed your competition in both subject matter and composition in order to get onto ‘Page 1’ using a competitive key phrase.


Fortunately, digital advertising agencies have many tools in their arsenal to make this happen for your business. If you would like to grow your business organically and harness the full potential of SEO South Africa, contact us – we can help!

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