How to adapt your small business to social media marketing.

Dutch Ink has been at the forefront of the COVID-19 Pandemic with our clients experiencing some of the most severe changes during the South African Lockdown Period. From level 5 to level 3, we have experienced the effects of this dangerous virus and the effects it has had on our clients

We have also been responsible for some of the business solutions which have aided our customers during this time. Something we can say during this time is that those businesses who were not online for the COVID-19 pandemic suffered the absolute most.

It was their lack of communications with their customers which lead to their complete loss of revenue. Even in their final moments, when these businesses realised that there was the opportunity to offer their products and services online. It was already too late. Their companies had taken too much strain, and with no funding for even the most basic of online advertising, they suffered the full consequences of the virus.

It is safe to say that the world will not be the same, and as we get back to business in South Africa, we will need to consider NEW and innovative ways of doing business while observing social distancing. This includes offering online ordering and collection pickups or closing more often to clean and restock.


How is Social Distancing Affecting Small Businesses?

There have been several restrictions which disrupt small business in South Africa and this is extremely prominent for beauty salons, personal trainers and direct sales establishments E.g., restaurants and gift shops. Even though owners enforce social distancing practices and premises restrictions, these businesses are still suffering the consequences of the COVID-19 virus and will have to further adapt their businesses to turn a profit.


How to Adapt Your Business to Social Distancing

To navigate this uncharted territory, the main focus is flexibility. Everyone is getting creative to make things work. Whether you’re a high-traffic business like a retail store, a small services business like an accounting firm, or even a restaurant or coffee shop, here are actions that you can consider to help keep you, your customers, and the community safer.

There are a few options that Dutch Ink has been able to uncover. ALL the following solutions are available from Dutch Ink and can be actioned as soon as possible to ensure that your business weathers the storm that is the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Storefront on a mobile device

Turn your business storefront to an online, user-friendly page which can be accessed via a mobile device like a smartphone.

Make the Change to eCommerce sales

Whether or not your doors are open to the public, you can still provide your products to customers that are at home shopping online. E-commerce might feel like alien territory, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is for small retailers to make the switch to online sales.

You’ll likely need a website or the capability to add an online shop to your existing web presence. Check Out Dutch Inks Services Here and Send us an Email to get started with your very own eCommerce website.

Sell through your social media channels

There are several advantages to selling on social media. You don’t need a website to make sales, so it’s quick, easy, and inexpensive to launch. For business owners that don’t fancy setting up a fully blown eCommerce store right now, selling through social media is a great option to reach customers and bring in revenue — especially for retailers with a large online following. Let Dutch Ink Create and Manage your social media relationships with clients. Check Out Dutch Inks Services Here and Send us an Email. It was during this time that we as Dutch Ink were able to exponentially aid our client’s businesses by staying in contact with the client base. Informing and updating them as the COVID-19 Pandemic accelerated. This informative behavior sustained client relationships and ensured that their business continued the minute they were permitted to do so. From at-home deliveries to Level 3 call and collect, we have aided our clients in acquiring ample amounts of business during this time.

Go cashless

Another thing to take a closer look at is your payment policy. As a temporary measure, reduce or eliminate cash handling. Instead, use tap-based or digital payment systems whenever possible to reduce physical contact.


COVID-19 Business Safety Procedure:

With so many more establishments opening, take a look at these suggested remote business practices to maintain new social distancing protocol. These are simply suggestions which we have adapted from WHO. They ensure that we conduct safe business during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • Wear shoe covers and gloves inside your customer’s home
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before and after every visit
  • Check your temperature to be sure you don’t have a high temperature before setting off to a customer home
  • Follow social distancing
  • Take cashless payments


If your business model involves one on one interactions, now’s the time to figure out how that can happen virtually. For example:

Fitness studios and independent teaches offer online classes

  • Realtors deliver virtual apartment viewings
  • Gift and toy stores offer a FaceTime browsing option, virtually walking kids around the store
  • Beauty therapists provide virtual tutorials post-purchase
  • Teach a workshop on your business expertise
  • Demo your products virtually
  • Show how to make your most popular recipes
  • The thought of transforming from a traditional in-person business to trading online might seem overwhelming. For more information on how to create exciting virtual events to engage your audience, this blog from Eventbrite is a fantastic resource.


COVID-19 Remote working and continues business suggestions.

Transition to Remote Working

If any of your employees can do their jobs from home, let them. For some roles, remote work even leads to an increase in productivity. You’ll also save rent and go paperless if you continue working this way. During this time, Dutch Ink as a company has transitioned to 100% remote working.

Replace in-person conversations with virtual ones

Instead of meeting face to face, meet virtually wherever possible. Cancel meetings that aren’t urgent or hold them by telephone or online. Pick a platform that will suit your meeting needs. If it’s a small meeting, Skype or Google Hangouts will fit the bill. Dutch Ink has been engaging in Whatsapp Video Conferencing for our Daily Morning Status Meetings + Engaging on Team Software to stay in communication through the day.

Stay Connected with Your Customers

Since socially distancing was abruptly put in place, what your customers knew about your business has most likely changed. For example, they may question whether your business:

  • Is still open
  • Offers online delivery
  • Has what they need in stock
  • Offers virtual consultations, or live chat to answer their pressing questions

In these uncertain times, it would be a mistake to assume your regular customer know whether you’re still operating and able to safely give them the products and services they’re looking for? You’ll need to shout from the digital rooftops to spread the message to your customers who are all self-isolating, at home.

Right now, there’s no need to drop off the radar. Take to virtual channels to give your business visibility and let people know how you can adapt together to ride out the storm.

Allow Dutch Ink to Aid you in creating your online presence during the COVID-19 Pandemic by:

  • Adding Your Business to Local Listings
  • Reaching out to your customers
  • Communicating your plans for the future
  • Creating your Email List (not everyone uses social media)


Thanks for checking out our latest blog!
We look forward to aiding you and your business with creative solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Future Proof your business today with Dutch Ink.

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