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Dutchink has always taken great pride in building websites and there was no exception with The Ethembeni School. The school itself is situated in Inchanga, in a beautiful clearing just off the R103. At first glance, the school appears textbook, concealing its hidden treasures which lie in the classrooms that are brilliantly bright with dynamic colours, exciting activities and exceptional students & teachers who make The Ethembeni School great. The Ethembeni School is a school that caters for students with various disabilities. Originally a school for the visually impaired, the school has since broadened their horizons and created a space, fully equipped with the appropriate equipment to teach learners who have disabilities of both physical and learning natures. A truly humbling place, The Ethembeni School provides a safe learning environment which is highly organised, professional and very friendly.


A school which cares for its learners, who is completely dedicated to aiding them in their disabilities and providing them with the necessary tools to overcome said disabilities and achieve success. Our team was commissioned to build a website which not only tells the user about the school but engulfs them in the culture of Ethembeni. A culture which can never be explained, but rather experienced, and when we visited their school to perform the first photoshoot for the website, that is exactly what we felt. High amounts of energy seasoned with the backdrop of classroom upon classrooms filled with excited learners. Building The Ethembeni Schools Website was a lot of fun for the entire studio.


We harnessed the enthusiasm of which they provided generous amounts and injected it into an interactive website which tells the story of The Ethembeni School. A place where you will find out all about the spectacular initiatives the school is involved in, student alumni and of course every way you might want to get in contact with the school. We have also set aside imperative information across the website which includes all their specialist teachers, each specialisation featuring their very own custom built icons which are carried throughout the website to keep the theming consistent. To top it off, the page links off to a very special donations page which allows anyone who visits the website to give back to the school and aid in their initiative to empower their students with the knowledge to succeed. A truly inspiring site for an infinitely inspiring school, backed by extraordinary people. We hope to keep working with The Ethembeni School for a very long time.

The Dutchink Team.


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