Dutch Ink | COVID-19: Social Media Management in Times of Crisis

It is important to remember that there is a level of empathy which needs to be observed during this time. The COVID-19 pandemic should not be used as a marketing opportunity. It is not an opportunity for self-promotion, but rather a time to get connected with your customers and show them just how much you care. Give back what you can during this time and be the brand they have grown to know and love. If you’re a NEW brand, be the brand that gives them more than any of the other older competitors in the industry have.


You’re going to have to rethink your social media strategy

It is time now to think about what your company will do if things get worse. How will you keep the lights burning, will you consider advertising to improve sales?

Everyone makes promises, but at Dutch Ink, it is only with social media that we have been able to materialise those promises delivered. With our platforms, we have been able to create empathetic advertising during the heat of the COVID-19. The reason this was possible is that our long-standing clients already had a sustained social media audience who was listening!

At the start of the pandemic, it was merely a matter of adequate communications between the brands and their clients who patiently awaited our clients return to business. In fact. During this time, some of our brands took the time and our advice to run free competitions which got their customers involved from the comfort of their homes. It was the use of these fantastically free activations which saw our brands returning to LEVEL 3 business strong.


Keep in mind, that the virus will eventually come to an end. The dust will settle.

Yes, the world may never return to absolute normality but you should use this time to remind the world who you are as a brand during this time. There is a strong chance that the version your brand is during this time, is the brand your clients will remember when life returns to normal.

British Airways offered Flexible Flight changes for all of their clients. Being forward-thinking like this during times of crisis and providing your customers with that they need, is always an act that will be appreciated and remembered by them over time. These types of actions create loyal clients who will always consider you first in the future.


Communication is Key

Simply communicating with your customers during this time is a significant feat. As the world turns away from business and locks their doors, be the brand at the front line, providing positivity, comfort and calm in this storm.

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