DHS Old Boys Golf Day Reunion 2023 with Dutch Ink

On May 25th, Dutch Ink Advertising House joined Durban High School’s annual DHS Old Boys Golf Day Reunion 2023. The Dutch Ink Team sponsored the First Hole in honour of our Creative Director, who happen to be a DHS Old Boy.

Dutch Ink x DHS Old Boys Golf Day Reunion 2023

DHS Old Boys Foundation.

The Durban High School is one of Durban’s oldest high schools and have strived to leave behind ‘Heritage of Excellence’. DHS is an all-boys school that lead students to become men and take their place in this world. DHS is proud to be apart of the making of history and the future, as DHS becomes a way of life for many students.

The DHS Foundation is a collection of DHS Old Boys, parents, staff, and current students. This ensures the continuous growth of DHS as a school of excellence, academics, and opportunities. The foundation is committed to the developing and uplifting of DHS and generates financial support for the school as well.

Dutch Ink x DHS Old Boys Golf Day Reunion 2023

Dutch Ink x DHS Old Boys Golf Day 2023.

Martin had decided to take his loyalty and pride in DHS one step further by sponsoring the First Hole of the DHS Old Boys Golf Day reunion. Our Dutch Ink Team sponsored the First Hole in honour of our Creative Director, Martin Pace, who happen to be a DHS Old Boy.

Furthermore, sponsoring the Golf Day would ensure financial support to continuously develop and uplift DHS. With us, his Dutch Ink Team behind him, we enthusiastically jumped into action preparing for the day. While Martin had opportunity to mingle and catch up with old friends, we took to entertaining and getting to know the Old Boys Community.

The First Hole of the day was also the Longest Drive of the day. This was our opportunity to get the Old Boys hyped for their Golf Day. Being one of the only sponsors with music we got Old Boys pumped up before they took a swing for the Longest Drive. Everyone loved Dutch Ink’s contagious energy and we loved meeting all the Old Boys.

Martin Pace from Durban High School.

Martin Pace is the Owner and Creative Director of Dutch Ink Advertising House. Before he took his place in this world as the Founder of the company, Martin enjoyed 5 great years at Durban High School. Martin studied at DHS from 1998 and matriculated in the year 2003. He loves the environment DHS creates for boys, one that encourages brotherhood and comradery between the students.

All-boys schools can be wild, however DHS has an amazing way of structuring and motivating boys to become more, to become men. With this DHS encourages school spirit with true values, honourable morals, and a respectable ethos.

Martin claims there is nothing like bringing together old friends, brothers, and comrades. When Old Boys do come together once a year, it feels like no had ever been apart, although they may not see each other often. Martin shares his pride in DHS with many Old Boys. This principle of excellence will forever ring true for every DHS Old Boy!

Dutch Ink x DHS Old Boys Golf Day Reunion 2023

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