Comics Food Bar

At Dutch Ink, Digital Advertising Agency, we love our food, so when we got called up to the plate for Comics Food Bar in Durban North & Glenashley, we were thrilled!


The family owned business has been run in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal for over 25 Years, and needed a website and branding overhaul, and we were only too happy to help. We’ll known for their Burgers, Ribs, Pizza’s, Pitas, Roasts & more…. the list goes on!, but trust us the food is incredible. So we thought, to get into the right head space, we had to have lunch… a few times 🙂


Comics Food Bar is a well known business in Durban North & Glen Ashley, so we had to ask the client, what the formula is to this success?, and it was quite simply answered with ‘You Just Keep Coming Back’…Genius!


The digital strategy team put their heads around this and thought that the only way we are going to get people coming back to the website, is if the user experience is that awesome, that people want to come back…right?


We then realized that the user experience of the website design needs to tick all the right boxes…


Put yourself into the mindset of not having anything to eat all day, and you’ve just seen and advert on Google Ads or Facebook or Instagram for a Comics Burger and have now landed on their site, what happens next?…before you eat your mobile phone!


You need a menu, number & location fast!, and this is exactly what we aimed for.

When landing on the site, you are presented with delicious shots of Burgers, Ribs and grilled Chicken, so that you know that you’re in the right place! Visit the website for yourself, order up something and see why they say, ‘You Just Keep Coming Back’

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